How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (2024)

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Posted 06-22-09

Online baby lists say 4 each; my sister says 20 each. What do I really need of each: burp cloths, bibs, washcloths? What about sleepsacks, swaddles, and different kinds of bottles (each kind)?


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    Posted 06-22-09

    For bibs, I'd say about five or six, for burp clothes... wayyy more than 4! I think I'm with your sister on that one. 20's a pretty big number but it wouldn't hurt to have that many! You can use burp clothes for anything! I do suggest not buying the actual clothes that stores sell as burp clothes though because in my experience, they don't work that well. I buy gerber clothe diapers from target as burp clothes and they work amazing! As far as sleepsacks... I never had one with my last one, but I'd imagine that just two would probably work fine. Use one, wash the other.

  • a good friend of mine swears by lap pads...for just about everything. she keeps them in the diaper bag for a changing pad, uses them in the crib and on the changer to save sheets, and also uses them as burp rags and just whatever, so i registered for a ton of those, and a lot of bibs, too...

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    Posted 06-22-09

    Depends on how often you do laundry. We do laundry every other day so I have about 12 burp cloths (I use the gerber cloth diapers from Target just like the previous poster How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (2))

    1 pack of baby washcloths--about 5 or 6. Same with bibs.

    3 or 4 swaddles/sleep sacks is plenty.


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  • How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (3)

    Posted 06-22-09

    i do my DD's laundry once a week... shes almost 9 months....this is what i have used since she was born:

    8 burp cloths

    2 packages of wash cloths

    and i have about 25 bibs, she drooled A LOT!!! the waterproof ones!

  • o

    Posted 06-22-09

    I heard burp cloths were too narrow, and didn't catch much. My mom told me she got a pack of cloth diapers and used those as burp cloths because they are so absorbent! I know that doesn't help with a number, but it's just an idea!

  • How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (4)

    Posted 06-22-09

    We use the pre folded cloth diapers for burp cloths, and have 2 packs of them, so 24. For bibs, don't get the tiny ones, they are cute, and useless. Get the bigger ones. But really think about how often you are going to be doing laundry, plus 3 meals a day once baby is eating solids. I didn't use bibs much when baby was nursing though.

  • l

    Posted 06-22-09

    Depends on baby. Burp cloths, I used cloth diapers as well. I liked the flats best actually.

    Bibs my dd went through 3 or 4 drool bibs per day and I liked to have ones that matched her clothes because she was a majpr drooler!

    Wash cloths, I would use 2 or 3 for each bath because I would wet them and use them to keep her warm.

    I guess I'd say at least a dozen of each, but baby wash cloths have a way of disappearing in the wash.

    bundle thingies and sleep sacks, I think I had 2 of each weight... like 2 fleece and 2 cotton (like a light blanket.

  • j

    Posted 06-22-09

    I got soooo many bibs at my baby shower. I didn't think I would ever use them all. I had like, 25. But now, seriously, I cannot imagine having less. My LO is a very messy eater. Plus, when he was a newborn he spit up a lot. We would have constantly been running out of them if we had hadthe recommended number! And who wants to do laundry everyday when you have a newborn! can NOT have too many!How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (5)

  • n

    Posted 06-22-09

    i used a million bibs DS had reflux...and I used those to catch some of the spit a million cloth diapers...

    sleep saks...I think I had 3

  • w

    Posted 06-22-09

    Ihate doing laundry so I like to have plenty. You'll go through at least 2 dribble bibs/day while they are infants. When they get older and start eating "solids" you'll want a cpl of big plastic bibs that just wipe off. Anything works as a burp cloth (dish towels, scraps of fabric, big wash cloths, receiving blankets etc.)so I am not really worried about that. I use receiving blankets to swaddle also (b/c those $$ just aren't tight enough for my LO's) so as long as I have PLENTY of receiving blankets I am set. We don't use sleep sacks(we livein FL), and bottles depends on whether or not you are BF'ing. If you are I would suggest playtex b/c you can pump store in those little milk baggies and just drop them into thebottle w/o wasting a single drop of precious milk. If you are FF'ing I still like playtex (bottles get lost and when you find 1 a month later under the bed or something you can throw the liner away and NOT the whole bottle). For BF'ing I would say 1 of those starter sets w/ like 3 9oz btls and 2 4 oz btls is enough to start with. For FF'ing you'll want to have at least 6-7/day and at least 2 days worth in case you get sick and can't do dishes or something. SoI would say about 6- 4 oz'ers and 10- 9oz'ers. Plus nipples. (they'll outgrow the 4 oz'ers pretty quick that's why I say fewer of them). But like I said- I am pretty lazy (as in I likeplaying/baby more than other stuffHow many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (6))so I like to have plenty so as not to run out ifI don't get around to dishes or laundry.

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How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (7)

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How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (8)

How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? (2024)


How many burp cloths, bibs & washcloths do I need? ›

It depends on how often your young one spits up, the number of feedings(which are unnumbered as they are still breastfeeding), and how often you want to do the laundry. But anywhere between eight to 14 burp cloths is a good number to have for a single baby.

How many bibs and burp cloths do I need? ›

How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need? During the milk-feeding stage, you'll probably go through about one burp cloth per day — potentially more, depending on how soiled they get. As with bibs, it's a good idea to have enough to hold you over until your next laundry day.

How many burp cloths should I put on my registry? ›

Most baby registries feature four to six burp cloths, or an average of two packs. Our rule of thumb is to double that. Register for 10 to 12 cloths in various patterns or colors. The soft material is excellent for everything from gently wiping a wet chin after a feeding to sopping up drool.

Can you use a bib as a burp cloth? ›

Burpy bibs are typically made of absorbent materials like cotton or terry cloth, which can effectively soak up liquid. This makes cleaning a breeze, as the cloth can be thrown in the washing machine. 3. Versatility: burpy bibs often have a design that allows them to be used as both a bib and a burp cloth.

Can you use burp cloths as washcloths? ›

Give your shirt a rest and always keep a few burp cloths handy. Not only do burp cloths make great washcloths, our flannel burp cloths can also be used as towels for newborns.

How many bibs do you really need? ›

Four to six bibs per child are optimal, depending on how many children you have. For most newborns, a handful of drool bibs should be enough. Not forgetting that this newborn can still make quite the mess. Factors like feeding, drool, and laundry will also be an excellent guide to how many bibs you need.

How many washcloths do I need for newborn? ›

It's good to have at least a few infant washcloths — four or five to start. That way, you'll always have a fresh one ready, and you can use extras as burp cloths for feeding your little one. Due to the small size, washcloths are usually the most affordable bath linens, and they don't take up much storage space.

How many washcloths do I need? ›

Adults: Four bath and two hand towels per week, plus two washcloths per day. Kids: Four bath and four hand towels per week, plus two washcloths per day.

How many bibs do I need for newborn? ›

We suggest buying 2-3 of the bandana dribble bib for a light dribbler. While heavy droolers will need 6-8. This bib is super absorbent and is best used when they are teething or drooling. Large bibs – The larger style bibs are for messy eaters, baby's with bigger necks and toddlers.

Do you need a lot of burp cloths? ›

It depends on how often you think you will need them. If you are not sure, it is always better to have too many than not enough. Most burp cloths come in packs of 12-24, so you should be able to find a pack that fits your needs.

What is the difference between a burp cloth and a bib? ›

Bibs v's Burping Cloths

Many people think they are the same but they are completely different. Use – Bibs are placed around a baby's neck. And are designed to capture spit-ups and drool. While cloths are placed over your shoulder to stop spit-ups falling on you.

What fabric is best for burp cloths? ›

Organic Cotton – By far the most popular. Organic cotton is a favourite to use as it is all-natural. It is low maintenance and comfortable. And is absorbent which is ideal for burping pads.

Where do you store bibs and burp cloths? ›

It's a good idea to designate a drawer or bins for burp cloths. You don't really need to fold them unless you want to. Bibs are useful when babies begin to teethe and when they are starting to eat solid foods. As their teeth come in, you will see a lot of drool.

What do people use instead of washcloths? ›

The pros: When it comes to comparing shower loofahs vs. washcloths, it's true that loofahs offer many of the same benefits as washcloths. They can provide excellent body exfoliation, particularly when you struggle with dry skin in the winter months.

Is flannel or cotton better for burp cloths? ›

The best material for burp cloths depends on your lifestyle and desires, but generally, cotton, muslin, and bamboo are best because they absorb the most moisture. That's helpful when you are dealing with a lot of spit-up in the early months. Fleece, microfiber, and flannel are also options.

How do you organize baby burp cloths? ›

The top left drawer can be for burp rags. The middle drawer should be for miscellaneous items such as nail clippers, pacifiers and similar things. The middle left drawer should be for onesies both short and long-sleeved.

How many infant bibs do I need? ›

If your child spits, dribbles, and creates a mess while eating, you will need a bib. So, depending on these factors,10-20 bibs in your nursery stock should be just fine. The more, the better. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many would be enough though.

How many bibs does a child need? ›

There is no set number of bibs that you should have for your baby. Depending on the age and how independently they eat, you could have between 6 and 10 bibs for your baby at a given time. When your baby is less than 6 months of age and most of the feeding time constitutes breastfeeding, 6-8 dribble bibs are necessary.

How many burp cloths do I need in my diaper bag? ›

Pack one or two burp cloths or even washcloths for your baby's spit-up, or for wiping up spills. Bottles and feeding supplies. If you are using them, pack baby bottles and other feeding supplies like bottle nipples, pre-made formula (or powdered formula for mixing later), or a portable bottle warmer.

How many drool bibs does a baby need? ›

The Drool Roster: Your Bib Count Breakdown

No problem. 5-7 bibs will keep you covered, offering a quick swap for a clean look and dry chin.


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